We've Been Busy!


Well done is better than well said. Benjamin Franklin

Momentum begins gradually and then accelerates suddenly.  Bessie’s notoriety seems to be progressing that way.  Since the original book signing event at the Hickory Stick Bookshop in Washington Depot, CT in late October we’ve sold over 800 books and been featured at five book readings with more scheduled in January.  Here is a listing of Bessie’s appearances to date and scheduled events for January 2019:

October 26, Hickory Stick Bookshop, Washington Depot, CT – Over one hundred people attended the launch event for BESSIE’S STORY – Watching the Lights Go Out.

October 29, Rumsey Hall School, Washington Depot, CT – Students and teachers in grades K-9 were introduced to Bessie through a personal appearance, a sequence of inspiring videos and selected readings. The kids LOVED her, and learned some things, too.

December 9, Acworth Silsby Library, Acworth, NH – Bessie was allowed to participate in this well-attended event in the beautiful reading room of this historic building.

December 13, Disnard Elementary School, Claremont, NH – Bessie visited with the fourth grade students and charmed them with her subtle, powerful spirit.  One little boy was moved to tears by Bessie’s bravery and irrepressible joy.

December 22, The Village Store, South Acworth, NH – This historic general store has been in continuous operation since the 1860s.  Bessie was right at home at this reading/signing gathering, sleeping soundly on the wide board floors in the midst of a group of new best friends.

Upcoming Events 

January 8, Aspen Elementary School, Aspen, CO

January 15, Reading/signing hosted by Woodcrest Village, New London, NH.

TBD, Newport Montessori School, Newport, NH


If you would like to schedule a BESSIE EVENT please email  bessiesstory@gmail.com

Thank you.